JM Hutton & Co., Inc.

JM Hutton & Co., Inc.
  • 1501 S 8th Street
  • PO Box 129
  • Richmond, IN, 47375
  • 765-962-3591

J.M. Hutton has the distinction of being the oldest casket manufacturer in the country,
still operating in its original location under the same name.

The firm was founded in 1845 as a saw mill, but has been making only caskets since
1870. For the first 70 years, Hutton manufactured caskets out of a variety of hard-
woods, walnut, cherry, oak, and willow.

In 1940, Hutton began purchasing metal caskets shells from other manufacturers and
adding the outside finishes, handles, and interiors. In 1985, Hutton purchased a
large stamping plant and presses, ranging in size from 60 ton to 1250 tons.
At the same time, it acquired an exclusive set of dies, making them one of the few
independent metal casket manufacturers in the country.

Hutton currently employs 74 families from the Richmond area, located in two plants,
containing 250,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space.

Hutton currently manufactures virtually any type of casket conceivable out of copper,
bronze, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, walnut, cherry, oak, and willow. The product
line includes children's caskets as well as giant oversize units and the very popular
and distinctive round end units.