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It’s a simple story, really. Family caring for family. That’s been the backbone of the company from the very beginning. Carroll and Donna Moore opened the first CarDon community in Greenwood, Ind., in 1977. Their mission? To create better communities for seniors. And that’s exactly what they did.

Their kids didn’t fall far from the tree. With tremendous work ethic, their children started working at the Greenwood community – getting to know the residents, listening to their stories and learning about their families. Making real connections.

The entire family is continuing their parents’ legacy. Today, five are licensed nursing home administrators. Four are hands-on owners and operators and serve on the Board of Directors of CarDon & Associates.

With more than 20 communities owned, operated or managed in the Midwest and more than 40 years of senior living experience, CarDon & Associates provides residents — our family — with the best senior living options and personalized care.

CarDon is proud to honor Carroll and Donna Moore’s legacy and commitment to serve seniors. With more than four decades of experience, CarDon & Associates excels in community development and management with an unmatched “family-first” approach to creating the perfect place for seniors to live, laugh and love.