SmithFoods Richmond

SmithFoods Richmond
  • 1590 N.W. 11th Street
  • Richmond, IN, 47374
  • 765-973-7168

SmithFoods is the company that brings you popular brands like SMITH’S, Ruggles, Artisa and Ajoyo! An industry leader in quality and innovation, SmithFoods is dedicated to providing both our customers and consumers with the best products available and manufactured by our facilities in Orrville, Ohio, Richmond, Indiana and Pacific, Missouri. This attention extends to food service, private label and contract packaging opportunities.

Serving consumers for over 100 years, SMITH’S is a brand that covers a wide variety of manufactured dairy and non-dairy products. SmithFoods Richmond was formerly Smith Dairy/Wayne Dairy. Using local dairy farms we support our community and protect our environment throughout our processes. 

SmithFoods mission is to treat our customers, associates, and owners according to Christ’s example. The milk stool represents our corporate mission well.  Each of the three legs stands for one of the following important groups.

  •  Our customers:  We strive to exceed their expectations by giving them our best products and services.  Our very existence depends upon their satisfaction.
  •  Our associates:  We strive to provide a challenging and rewarding work environment that encourages learning and growth in an atmosphere of love, dignity, and respect.
  •  Our owners:  We strive to be good stewards of the resources at our disposal, including the necessary capital our owners provide.

The seat of the stool—its firm foundation—represents SmithFoods’ commitment to treat everyone according to the example of Christ.

Our teamwork approach makes SmithFoods Richmond a great place to work. As we are genuinely interested in our Associates welfare and success.

Because of the quality of our products and service, our Company is highly respected throughout the dairy industry.  We want our Associates to have pride in our Company, our products and the quality of our work, it takes a team of dedicated people to provide quality products and service at competitive prices.

Each associate plays an important role by paying attention to the details of his or her responsibilities.  While working together we want to create a challenging and rewarding environment for all.  All who work here must take pride in being good stewards of the resources we have.

Teamwork and personal growth are important for our success.  To continually adapt to the ever-changing conditions around us, each of us must sharpen our skills.  SmithFoods wants to provide nurturing opportunities for personal growth.  By enhancing individual abilities, we create teams which regularly identify new opportunities to improve and eliminate waste so we can compete better in the market place.