Primex Plastics Corporation

Primex Plastics Corporation
  • 1235 N F Street
  • Richmond, IN, 47374
  • 765-973-0178
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Primex Plastics Corporation is an international leader in the plastics manufacturing industry, with over 51 years in the business. With 8 plants in the United States, we are a full service provider for the plastics industry. We have three divisions including – Custom Sheet Extrusion; Color, Compounding, and Additives; and Design and Fabrication. Our plastic sheet extrusion operations, headquartered in Richmond, Indiana, provides custom sheet to a wide scope of industries. Our Color, Compounding and Additives Division is an advanced custom compounder manufacturing a wide range of formulations, specialty compounds, color concentrates and additive master batches, while our Design and Fabrication Division specializes in custom packaging, handling and shipping solutions. We are committed to quality, sustainability and innovation, and work every day to help our employees, customers and stakeholders reach their goals!