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Jay-Randolph Developmental Services (JRDS) is a private non-profit community social service agency serving people with developmental disabilities. JRDS services are person-centered, individualized and provided according to the needs and preferences of the person served.

The following examples are only a few services we provide.

Residential Homes            

Residential Group Living Services provide six-eight adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live in a supervised group home setting where they are taught skills to enable independence. With over a 30 years history of maintaining high standards of care, JRDS provides a safe, nurturing learning environment with 24/7 supervision.

Habilitation Training (OBRA)
Through our Habilitation training program, adults residing in area nursing homes are provided opportunities to develop and preserve skills to increase their independence. These skills may include basic life skills, mobility, socialization and accessing integrated community activities

Community Waiver
Community Waiver Services are designed to empower adults with disabilities to learn skills needed to be as independent as possible in both day-to-day activities and residence. Individuals can receive assistance with 24/7 supervised residential living services, assistance in their own home, or in their family residence. Two to four individuals may share a home with 24/7 supervision where they are taught to maintain their home, manage their finances, plan, purchase and cook their meals, and maintain their independence. Others may elect to live on their own or continue to reside with their family.

In other situations, a family may need respite care services that allow them to have time to complete errands, enjoy time with their spouse or spend a few quiet hours alone. These services are also available through the Community Waiver Services. In all forms of Supported Living Waiver Services, individuals are provided with many opportunities to achieve their highest potential.

Day Services     
Through our Day Services Program, adults with moderate to severe disabilities are provided training in life skills, fitness, communication, prevocational skills and community integration. Adults in this program learn skills to strengthen and support their independence and socialization skills. This training occurs both one on one with a trained Direct Support Professional and in groups of 4-8 individuals.

PreVocational Services
Adults with developmental disabilities are provided vocational training and experience, which prepares them to enter the competitive workplace while enabling them to earn an income. These individuals choose personal goals related to their work skills development. Paid work opportunities may be available at both centers and in integrated community settings. These individuals have completed over 2 million pieces a year of various work products with 99.9% quality rating for over 15 years.

Contract Work Services
For nearly 30 years, JRDS has provided contracted work for industries in the surrounding area. With our 18000 square feet of industrial space, we provide a cost effective, reliable, quality minded workforce.