Wick's Pies, Inc.

Wick's Pies, Inc.
  • 217 SE Greenville Avenue
  • P. O. Box 268
  • Winchester, IN, 47394
  • 800-642-5880
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Wick’s Pies is a wholesale manufacturer of frozen bakery products.  We produce a variety of frozen pie shells ranging in size for 3” to 10” as well as producing sever flavors of pies. 

Wick’s production facility is approximately 15,000 square feet with ample freezer space attached.  Wick’s employs approximately 60 bakery personnel who produce 73 different bakery products.  Production capacity per eight-hour production shift is approximately 45,000 raw pie shells, and an additional 10,000 baked pie shells or 10,000 baked pies.  Typically, Wick’s will operate two eight-hour production shifts and will add overtime hours as sales dictate.  A minimum of four hours each day is reserved for plant and equipment cleaning and sanitizing.  

Wick’s currently maintains a fleet of two tractor-trailers for distribution purposes.  Depending upon order flow, we will typically distribute upon our own carriers within a 300 to 400 mile radius of Winchester, Indiana.  Delivery Service outside of this area is provided by less than truckload frozen carriers. 

Wick’s maintains a customer base of around 230 customers throughout 40 states.  This customer base can be broken into 5 categories-Retail, Bakery, Food Service, Private Label, and Food Remanufacturing.  Major retail customers are Kroger, Super Valu, Nash Finch, Meijer and Wal-Mart, and Marsh.  Major food service customers are Sysco, Gordon, U.S. Foodservice, and many other independent distributors.  Major bakery customers are Lipari Foods, Dawn, BakeMark, and Ben E. Keith.  Currently, Wick’s is packing private label products for the The Honey Baked Ham Company. 

Wick’s has grown the business on quality, and continues to base the business on quality-A Quality Product Backed by Quality Service. 

Wick’s was founded over 70 years ago by, Duane E. “Wick” Wickersham, and has been operated and continues to operate as a family business.  Mr. Wickersham retired from the Company in January of 1999 and passed away on November 6th, 2008.  

Currently, the founder’s son, Michael D. Wickersham, is the Company’s President and CEO.  Michael D. Wickersham holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree.  Mr. Wickersham is an attorney licensed in the State of Indiana, but no longer practices law and joined the Company in 1984.

Clark Loney holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant.  Mr. Loney is the company’s Chief Financial Officer and serves as Vice-President of Manufacturing.  Mr. Loney has been with the company since 1972. 

Marsha Wickersham holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and serves as the company’s Sales Manager.  She is also a daughter of the founder and joined the company in 1990. 

Rob Kelly is the company’s Production Manager and Purchasing Agent and is the grandson of the founder Duane Wickersham. Mr. Kelly joined the company in 1989. 

Todd Abernathy is the company’s Traffic Manager.  Mr. Abernathy joined the company in 1978. 

Dylan Wickersham, a grandson of the founder and son of Michael Wickersham, and age 32 is a company sales representative. Dylan joined the company in 2014. 

Wick’s also operates a separate food manufacturing facility in Winchester that produces 3 flavors of pie glaze for the produce market.  Wick’s Foods employs approximately 10 employees. 

Wick’s also operates a retail bakery and restaurant in Winchester, Mrs. Wick’s Pies and employs approximately 30.