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Established in 1972 in Richmond, Indiana by Mr. Bruce Elder, Vandor Corporation began by specializing in custom die-cutting of chipboard and corrugated fiberboard components.  Our proprietary products simplified and revolutionized the process of trimming casket interiors and are still an integral part of our company today.

After several years of developing these unique products, we shifted our attention to other disciplines that could benefit from creative use of lightweight and strong converted paper products.  We devoted our R&D efforts to the packaging needs of the electrical connector industry and developed several corrugated fiberboard reels.  This success led to developing reel packaging products for other industries such as wire & cable, cordage, and fiber optics, while also branching out to other commodity materials such as our ENVIROMOLD® reprocessed resins.  Thus, Reel Options® was established.

With so much specialized growth, in 2012, we decided to separate the company into two distinct divisions, "Starmark Funeral Supply" moved to a new facility to focus on it's core business of casket components and also branched out to designing and manufacturing it's own line of caskets.  "Vandor Plastics", where Reel Options® now resides, took over the full 119,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Vandor Plastics also manufactures quality plastic parts for other industries through injection molding, thermoplastic extrusion and thermoform vacuum forming.  We are proudly ISO 9001:2008 and IS/TS 16949:2009 certified.

Starmark® Cremation Products began in 2004 designing and marketing a small line of engineered cremation solutions with mixed success. Today, Starmark shares a 130,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space at 1620 Rich Road, Richmond, Indiana and manufactures hundreds of alternative containers and rental inserts daily.

Starmark (a division of Vandor Corporation) manufactures cremation products sold directly to Funeral Homes and Crematories nationwide and through a growing network of casket distributors.  The leaders at Starmark have deep roots in the casket business.  In 1989 Alan Elder (Starmark Chairman), Mark Elder (Starmark VP of Sales) and Gerald Davis (Starmark President) founded Elder Davis, Inc. (now owned by others) with its products including the original Elderlite® Corrugated Fiberboard Casket (started by Vandor in 1983). Fast forward to today; Starmark offers economical cremation products in lightweight corrugated fiberboard and cloth covered products to meet the needs and wants of cremation client families.

Our R&D Team led by Gerald Davis continues to innovate and continuously improve the Starmark product line. As the industry changes so should your product mix and your message to cremation families. With the nationwide cremation rate rapidly closing in on 50% does your product mix represent this change in the market? Are you using products from traditional casket manufacturers that treat cremation product design and development as an afterthought?

The team at Starmark thinks only about cremation and products for the changing industry landscape. Starmark is 100% focused on providing Sensible Solutions® for cremation that improve funeral home revenue from direct to full services.

Product success:

·         Starmark is the nation’s highest volume manufacturer of rental casket inserts.

·         The TransPorter® is the most used alternative cremation container that includes an interior (in the USA).

·         The  Sure~Lock™ urn is the highest volume urn sold in the USA (Three sizes available).

When our customers are successful, we are successful—and we want to do whatever we can to help make you successful.